Aircraft maintenance & repair

Marker Aviation Services proudly undertake aircraft maintenance and structural repairs as follows:

Aircraft Maintenance:
  • All aircraft types 8000kg IFR & VFR
  • Pilatus PC 12 Series
  • TBM 700/850 Area Service Centre
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6 Series
  • Garret TPE 331 Series
  • Propeller balancing with Aces System
Aircraft Structural Repair
  • All Aircraft types <8000kg


Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Organisation (MRO) for maintenance of Class A and Class B Piston and Turbine Aircraft up to 8000kg under our CAR 30 Approval Certificate Number 3174.

Capabilities under our CAR 30 Certificate:

  • Aircraft Maintenance (Beechcraft Series up to Beech 1900, Cessna Series up to Cessna 441, GA8, Piper Series up to Piper Cheyenne (PT6A & TPE 331 Series), Daher TBM Series, Fairchild Metro SA226 & 227 Series, Pilatus PC-12 Legacy & NG)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Coverage for RAA Aircraft
  • Troubleshooting and Rectifications
  • Structural Repairs and Modifications / Installations
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A Series Engine Maintenance including Hot Section Inspection & Borescope
  • Piston & Turbine Single and Twin Engine Rigging
  • Piston & Turbine Single and Twin Engine Propeller Balancing / Diagnostics
  • Honeywell TPE 331 Series Engine Maintenance